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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 20, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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when the policies aren't working i think because the liberal media controls, but the uninformed voter hears and the answer is on the air every night and the media plays a role, no question. and there's a culture that soundly rejects facts. and that's the issue and that's on we, the people. think about it. the economy is bad. salaries are stagnant. the culture is apathetic and permissive. all of those things are visible to anyone who's not in a coma. and the media doesn't hold sway over that. graham cameron, victoria, australia. good day, bill. i want you to know that the killing lincoln movie will be shown here. and national geographic channel in the states will replay the movie this coming saturday night and that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, which is different from now, the past two nights we've asked the question in the talking points memo and asked you, what the biggest problem
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in america really is. and so if you missed it, it's worth reading these two memos back it back. all right? because this is important and i think you know the discussions that follow are pretty interesting. nobody else, by the way, nobody else, is doing this kind of reporting and analysis. also, we would like you to spout out about the factor, anytime, anytime if you wish to opine. word of the day do not be insi insipid when writing to us. and remember, that the spin stops right here because we're definitely looking out for you. you. >> . >> the numbers, they don't lie, mr. president, tonight, one day after the commander-in-chief unleashed
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his dire warnings, this tirade about the impact of the looming sequester cuts, ironically this is the measure he himself proposed. we decide today pars through the warnings and numbers behind these cuts and separate fact from fiction, in other words, we're going to do the mainstream media's job and let's begin. first, the sequestration as put in place by the budget act of 2011 will force 1.2 trillion dollars in automatic cuts that's over ten years to both domestic spending and to delay the cuts. congress must fine in the 2013 budget, 85 billion dollars worth of reductions. but with no deal in the works, that 85 billion, well, that's looking pretty elusive. but the eskwsequestration will that put the country in dire straits? but find an impact when the cuts go into effect. the proposed cuts for 2013 only represent a 2.4%
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reduction in the 3.8 trillion dollars of total 2013 spending. now, adding even more perspective. this is less than 1/2 of 1% of the growing 16.5 trillion dollar federal debt and when you compare the spending levels in 2010 to what has been proposed in 2013. well, we're actually going to spend 9 trillion more dollars this year, and just slightly less than what we spent in 2011 and almost exactly what we spent in 2012. so, the president's out there, he's using a scare tactics and he's scaring seniors and teachers and first responders, well, let me offer one more statistic to give you more clarity. the cuts that we're about to incur are to discretionary income and that's separated into two categories, domestic and defense and obama's fear mongering, almost exclusively focuses on the domestic portion. now, he's alleging that our economy will cease to function because we're going to be spending only 29 billion dollars less on domestic
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programs this year. that's out of 3.8 trillion. so do you know what 29 billion dollars is with the federal government? guess what, they spend that every 72 hours, now, i want to be clear, i'm not defending, i'm not justifying sequester, frankly it's a cowardly way out for these politicians, but the figures show, the reality of what's pending and before i bring in my first guest, john sununu, there are three elections away from i just presented. one, they show the true scale of sequestration, not what the president is saying. two, it it proves the president is cherry picking his facts and politicizing the entire situation because he wants to scare you and three, we can't forget, we're in this mess because the president, he's the one that put us here back in 2011. he's the one that wanted sequestration and here with reaction to all of this is former new hampshire governor john sununu.
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>> he wanted this, this was his i'll show tape later in the program. he said no way am i going to take this off the table. they try, i'll veto it. now, all of a sudden, this is catastrophe, doom, gloom, republicans hate everybody and want seniors to die and first responders to lose their job and the fbi to shut down, and border security to shut down, the audacity. it's almost laughable. >> sean, this president is compelled to it raise revenue at every opportunity he has, to raise taxes. and use the fiscal cliff to scare people. he raised taxes on the rich. he got his pound of flesh for the election. now, he's using sequester to raise taxes again. and he will use the change in the death ceiling to raise taxes again. and he cannot help himself. it is an addiction he has and he thinks that building up government and expanding programs is his mandate. and no matter what he does,
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it's going to be designed around raising taxes. >> one thing i'm sick about in all this, i'm tired of conservatives, republicans, he's a demagogue. this president just flat-out lies. the media won't call him out on it, dirty air, dirty water. throwing granny over the cliff and now republicans want to hurt everybody, basically and if he's going to use those words and he wants to be a demagogue, i think it's fair that we say that the president is stealing, a thief and robbing our children's future and our grandchildren and smashing over their piggy banks. if he wants to play the games, we need to play the same way. >> the tragedy of what's going on is that one of the constituencies that went big for the young folks in america are the ones he's screwing the most. he's screwing them with taxes, he's screwing them with, as you put it, robbing from them in the future and what this president succeeds in doing, unfortunately, is convincing about 52% of the public that
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no matter what he says, no matter how untrue it is, we have a chunk of the public out there that will believe anything he says. and like a hypnotic trance? and the media. >> the lap dog media i'll get to in a second here. i just want to look at this. he wanted his tax increases and he got what is it, 1.2 trillion, the obamacare tax and he got the fiscal cliff tax and another 800 billion dollars. where are the spending cuts? if we can't cut 85 billion this year, 3.8 trillion, if we can't do that and we're borrowing 46 cents of every dollar, we're doomed. we're mathematically doomed. >> have to explain to people, 3.8 trillion is 3,800 billion and they're talking about 80 of those 3,800 billion and putting them aside as a spending cut. an insignificant number as to the pt real size of the program he's failed to provide
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the house and read in the reid and the democrats in the senate ignored it and the president ignored it and they have an obligation to be responsible and they failed to do it, and this president is failing the lead. what are we doing about the lap dog media out there. literally, we've got russia now literally on inauguration day is flying above american air space with missiles that have nuclear tips on them. we have the president hasn't said a word about that, we've got china hacking our computers, the egyptians, which we're giving f-16's and we're paying, they're aligning with ahmadinejad and media want a picture of the president playing golf with tiger woods. that's all they want. that's all they want. >> this president has forgotten it's really a dangerous world out there. the world is not a friendly place. it needs a powerful u.s. to
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provide stability and means leadership for the president and he's just failing on all of those counts. this country needs to understand that we need to reinforce ourselves economically and we're failing to do it. we have to deal with the fact that we have have to have a military that's capable of responding and this president is ignoring it. and we need a foreign policy that has some coherence and this president doesn't know what that means. >> i have some questions that i think the media ought to be asking the president and i want you to add to the list of questions that i have. for example, number one, why, mr. president,questration and w for it and against it and now doom and gloom and apocalyptic. why does he blame republicans about everything? what is he going to do about chinese hacking? what does he have to say about the russians flaying over our air space with nuclear weapons
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on inauguration day? any questions you need to ask them? >> why does he demagogue and-- >> i think you have to ask the fundamental questions. why do you not agree to spending to create economic stability in this country? why are you so committed to increasing taxes and why do you want to ignore the defense security of this country by letting your own sequester, mr. president, gut the defense budget? >> as far as he's concerned. you're about to go out and kill grandma and poison children. that's every-- apparently that's what he believes about conservatives. >> i can't wait to he see their ads. i can't wait it see their next ads, sean. >> sean: all right. well, if it wasn't so serious, hey, we can't cut 85 billion of 3.8 trillion dollars that we're going to spend when he we're borrowing half that money, and stealing from our kids. it's frightening. >> sean, you've got a target--
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you've got to target your message to the young people screwed by this president. >> sean: they are getting screwed literally and their entire lives are spent paying back the money robbing from their piggy banks t coming up, republicans are fighting back and reminding our forgetful president that the sequester was in fact his idea in the first place and they're not alone and now even top democrats are pointing the finger of blame at the white house right where it belongs. >> the president's part of this, the sequester and the white house recommended it frankly. >> sean: and coming up next, the right and left collide and juan williams goes head to head with david limbaugh. fireworks next right here on lobsterfest is the king of all promotions.
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>> and welcome back to hannity. now the latest member of team obama to use the sequester scare tactics. wrote, quote, should sequestration occur and continue for an extended period. dod would place the vast majority on administrative furlough. what's missing from the letter of course is those employees can all thank the president and his democratic allies for putting us in this position and republicans assure that the american people will be well aware of this fact. in an op-ed in the wall street journal, in a bit of irony president obama stood with first responders who could lose their jobs if the policy
9:16 pm
goes into effect. and most americans are just hearing about this washington creation for the first time. and the sequester, what they may not realize from mr. obama's statement is that it's a product of the president's own failed leadership and the speaker is absolutely right. we've been prominent members of the democratic party and even they are pointing the finger where it belongs, at obama. >> the president's part of the sequester. and the white house recommended it frankly back in august of 2011 and now we're feeling the effects of it. now, i don't want to say that the president solely it's not, it's the president and the congress. >> sean: and joining me, juan williams and david limbaugh. let's see, bob woodward, max baucus and go back to 2011, juan williams, and listen to the president speaking in what he now views in apocalyptic terms and he supported it.
9:17 pm
watch. >> already some in congress are trying to undo these automatic spending cuts. my message to them is simple, no i will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts, domestic and defense spending. there will be no easy off rams on this one. >> i will veto, no easy off ramps and now if it happens, the world is going to come tumbling down. juan williams? >> well, the president wants a deal. he wants someone to negotiate with him. >> that's not what he said there. >> he wants speaker boehner. >> he said no easy off ramps and the reason that sequester was put in place and that republicans voted for him was 174-90 in the house. >> the president. >> republicans, republicans and democrats. >> true or false-- >> what was the question? >> the president proposed the deal. >> yeah, i think it came out of the white house and i think that jake and the president said, let's do this. speaker boehner said he got
9:18 pm
98% of all he wanted and got, as i said, 198 of the republicans, vast majority of the republicans in the house to vote for it. he wants now leverage in terms of forcing the president to put through a deal that has no tax increase revenues, no closing of loopholes for big gas, oil, and doing away with the hedge fund advantage and willing to sacrifice them in the-- >> the president got two tax increases, he got his obamacare tax increase in january, got his fiscal cliff increase in january and anything he wanted and any promised cuts. does he want any cuts? >> i think he wants cuts and in fact, he has a package that puts forward cuts and senate democrats have a package 50/50. cut and-- >> sean i long for the day when obama is held accountable for his words and his policies. it's all about going back to community organizing, he's in
9:19 pm
campaign mode. nobody has ever demagogued in the white house like he has. he has calculated and there is he' reports about this that he can get more mileage out of threatening loopholes closure for the rich than even raising taxes so he's sitting back there getting a kick out of this and he hopes to destroy the g.o.p. and further punish the wealthy. the truth is, these draconian cuts he's promising are neglible in the overall scheme and you pointed out they will only constitute what the government spends in three days on the domestic spending, 72 hours, all of these are caused though by obama's unseriousness, his fundamental unseriousness about tackling spending and he's already got the tax increases, he promised the balanced approach and he's had four years to propose any plan whatsoever, and he refuses to get serious about entitlements and even alan simpson said obama will have a failed presidency if he doesn't demonstrate
9:20 pm
seriousness about entitlement reform which he has not done up to this point. and look at the failure of his policies. >> and with all the organizing going on. look, if he's going to say republicans want dirty air, water, republicans don't want first responders, don't want teachers that they don't care about the sick, the elderly and kids with autism and down syndrome, i think i'll follow the president's lead. the president is a thief. jaun. >> a thief? >> 6 trillion dollars in debt. he's stealing our kids' money and our grandkids' money. if i want dirty air and water, he's a thief, but i'm using his civility and following his lead. >> let me ask you something. you guys just beat him up so constantly. what do you think about the idea that the american people have, that it's in our best interest as country to negotiate some kind of settlement to in fact take care of the debt and-- >> he wants another tax increase, juan, why? >> the cuts and spending, let's put pressure on obama to do it, let's close the loopholes and let's not cause
9:21 pm
the economy. >> that's a tax increase. >> that's a tax increase. >> and cause it to crater. >> david? >> juan, as long as you support obama, as long as anyone supports obama they are complicit in obstructing any kind of deficit reform, any entitlement reform, any reduction, this is not serious. obama wants to have spending increases. he will never go along with simpson bowls for two primary reasons, one, it involves tax reform across the board. and it involves spending cuts. he will not go along with either component. obama, this is disgraceful what's going on, juan, and he needs-- >> this is the moment when you can call his bluff? >> we are calling his bluff. >> we are. >> and that's finally calling his bluff. >> how do you negotiate with-- >> how do you negotiate with somebody that's constantly demonizes his opponents the way he does. >> you guys demonize him and.
9:22 pm
>> oh. >> he's lying. >> and he's not serious about cuts. there's nothing to compromise. he won't compromise, we already gave him his tax increases. time for serious cuts, entitlement reform. it shouldn't even be an argument. >> okay. >> so this is not about cutting spending, this is just about embarrassing him and leveraging him and beating him over the head. >> no, it's about saving the nation. >> here is some perspective. all of this is 85 billion dollars this year alone and we'll spend more money this year than last year, that is hardly draconian, juan williams by any mathematical sensible-- >> and when it's sean hannity's job disappearing, one of those 1.4 million jobs, sean hannity, more than any year since 2011, come on cause, marco rubio-- >> and i've got to go. i've got to go throw grandma over the cliff and poison the water. thank you, juan. former house speaker newt gingrich and karl rove and
9:23 pm
he'll respond. >> you don't need 30 rounds to protect yourself, buy a shotgun. buy a shotgun. >> sean: vice-president joe biden is now dictating what guns you can and can't have and otherf they want to avoid rape, use ballpoint pens and call boxes ballpoint pens and call boxes and urinating on i you're suffering from constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. for faster relief, try dulcolac laxative tablets. dulcolac provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. [ female announcer ] every baby can have the freedom to move their way, in pampers cruisers. they adapt at the waist, legs and bottom, with up to 12 hours of protection for our driest, best fitting diaper
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>> all right, at the white house and your second amendment rights, several democrats are proposing down right absurd ideas for women to protect themselves against criminals. two lawmakers in colorado are urging women to rely on call boxes, safe zones, whistles, the quote, buddy system and get this, ballpoint pens if they're ever in danger and one suggested vomiting on the attacker, and if that doesn't work, urinating or faking a faint or a seizure. not to worry, ladies, if you don't feel comfortable with those, crazy uncle joe has advice of his own, listen to this. >> if you want to protect
9:28 pm
yourself, get a double barrel shotgun, have the shells and 12-gauge shotgun and i promise you as i told my wife, we live in an area that's wooded and somewhat secluded. and i said, jill, if there's ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here or walk out, put that double barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. i promise you, whoever is coming in is not going to-- you don't need ar-15. it's harder to aim. it's harder to use and in fact, you don't need 30 rounds to protect yourself. buy a shotgun. buy a shotgun. >> sean: buy a shotgun, no big deal, buy a shotgun. as simple as that is, thanks, joe for your two cents and on the left's gun grab and the president's odd bizarre-- author fox news contributor michelle malkin, let me get this right. if the buddy system collapses, if you can't urinate on your
9:29 pm
attacker, or vomit on him or faint you should carry around your shotgun wherever you go and then pull out that, you know, 12-gauge and fire away. >> yeah. unfortunately, i have felt like vomiting all week, hearing the nonsense from the presumptuous, liberal gun grabbing men and unfortunately, it's coming from my home state, here in colorado, the likes of joe salazar. >> sean: and legally get stoned out there, michelle. >> well, i think maybe people have been inhaling too much and that's why we've got all of this insanity going on. between joe salazar, recommending the rape whistles, the father with two daughters and a wife of his own. you'd think he would have a heck of a lot more common sense on the house floor here in denver at the state legislature when he said that. >> sean: but the government says you're going to use a pen against a rapist? you're going to race to your safe zone i'm going to urinate
9:30 pm
you, that will stop you. >> yes. >> sean: this is really-- i this is dangerous now. >> it is. >> sean: and we're talking about a topic, this is so dumb coming out of these politicians. >> it is, and that's why i have to name check each and every one, because this debate is going down right now in colorado. and it is a chance not only for colorado women, but i think women all across the country to be heard and to make sure that they speak for themselves and not these idiots who want to leave them disarmed and vulnerable to violent sexual predators. it's jessie is the one who recommended the buddy system and judo lessons. are they now going to subsidize brazilian jujitsu for women, no thank you. and paul rosenthal recommending that we rely on other implements of course, going to be completely and entirely useless. >> sean: who was the guy mo said urinate on your attacker?
9:31 pm
who is that genius? >> this is the university of colorado at colorado spring. of course a lot of liberals who are snickering about this and now up in high dungeon because we're mocking and paying attention to these tips and saying colorado springs is supposed to be conservative. well, guess what? unfortunately, as many of these colleges and universities, they're small or large in places like colorado springs or in the ivy league, they have been poisoned. there's he a cancerous attitude that women should be passively resistent and they he should do everything, but learn how to arm themselves and use arms as self-defense and that's why we've got the ridiculous things that we should use assault bodily fluids like vomit and urination, or in the case of oregon state, telling us that we should tell a potential attackers that we're sick or we're pregnant or have a sexually transmitted disease and this will be the great
9:32 pm
deterrent. >> sean: is there a believe if you faint, now you're on the ground in a vulnerable position? that's really stupid and dangerous for women. the single best thing to do, trained in the use of a firearm. they can learn some type of defense, class, take defense classes and that will be very helpful and i would recommend the firearm, personally. let me ask you this, we have another situation in wisconsin. you know about this university of wisconsin duluth and this campaign launched increase awareness about racial favorism. they've got a new psa out and roll it for the audience and it will be self-explanatory. >> what do you mean we're lucky to be white? >> it's not luck, it's privilege. >> we're privileged that people see us, not a color. >> privilege that we don't get stared at when we walk into the room. privileged that we don't get followed by security when we go shopping. or pulled over when we're in the wrong neighborhood. >> we're privileged because
9:33 pm
society is set up for us and our silence keeps it in place. >> we're privileged and that's-- >> what's your reaction to that? >> it's the most noxious kind much racial demagoguery. it really is race arson and i think that's a term that our late friend andrew breitbart used. he was one of the biggest watch dogs on this whole entire industry, these scam artists of white privilege study going on 34 years now, not just at taxpayer subsidized universities, but in our public schools and it's got to stop. >> sean: michelle malkin, always love having you on the program. thank you for being with us. >> you bet. >> sean: and next. >> the idea that karl rove has an idea of creating some super pack and basically pick senate nominees, for example, is a terrible idea. >> sean: the former speaker of the house had some harsh words for karl rove, earlier today the architect will join me live to respond to that blistering critique after the
9:34 pm
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>> welcome back to "hannity." the architect karl rove has been taking a lot of heat reisn'tly over his newly formed super pac which says they aim to nominate the most electable candidates and conservatives ahead of the mid terms and over the weekend things got heated when he went head to head with bob woodward. >> a lot of this is simply examining the candidates and looking at the record and doing the research on ourselves and the other side is doing and having the discussions behind the scenes to conservative groups and how strong are the respective candidates. >> you're going to set yourself up as a kind of hero, betting these-- >> no, no no, and republicism
9:39 pm
is to let the local, state or. >> even the former speaker of the house had harsh words. >> the idea of karl rove creating a super pac to go out and basically pick republican senate nominees, for example, is a terrible idea. we don't want to be a party in which a handful of political bosses gather up money from billionaires in order to de destroy the candidates they don't like. >> and the architect, karl rove, sir, welcome back. >> thanks for having me, sean. now, let me start, i note that seems to be getting bigger and bigger since we last spoke about it. the tea party patriots had you in a nazi ss uniform and apologized. let's start there and your reaction to that. >> well, look, somebody sent out a fund raising e-mail with a picture of me as heinrich
9:40 pm
himmler the ss chief and i don't know how that -- what adult supervision was needed there, but they apologize, i accept that. let's get back to trying to get the most conservatives we can elected to office and turn back the obama agenda and it's amazing that some would be so that they would send out something as offensive as that. i've got a thick skin and i'm not going to worry about it. >> i've got to ask bob woodward, the bureau? >> there was a lot of attention paid to the tea party e-mail, over this calling a nazi and having a picture of me, but woodward goes on fox news sunday and calls me a member of the politte bureau, the last time i checked the politte bureau was the ruling body of the soviet communist party and oversaw the extermination of tens of millions of people and
9:41 pm
during the cold war threatened the united states with nuclear annihilation and just because woodward is a center left journalist, he can get away with calling me a communist and nobody is bothered by this. here is a guy been around washington for 42 years as a journalist and he tells me i ought to get out of politics and get out of washington. first of all, i went to washington about ten years ago, 12 years ago, and came back home to texas a couple of years ago, i've been in washington a heck of a lot fewer years than he has, but i thought it was intere there's no attention paid to that. a lot of attention paid by the media to the tea party, you know, they love the idea of conservatives kicking other conservatives, but when a liberal has a liabbel like that that i'm some kind of soviet boss it gets passed right by. >> sean: i'm not sure in the end-- you know, my hope for 2014 is that the tea party is reenergized and i'd like to see what happened in 2010 happen again come 2014. i know, that's not what
9:42 pm
president obama wants. is this healthy in some ways? is this just the natural outcrop of things didn't go the way that people want in this election or do you think in the end this is divisive and unhealthy? >> look, i'm not going to try to explain the motives of somebody sending out an e-mail another conservative is a nazi, i'm not. there was something interesting, the idea being put forth by some with crossroads is a bunch of consultants and it's wrong. we do have a problem on the right. we have too many organizations run by consultants who are more concerned with their fees and profits than they are with advancing the cause. you know, we've got too many groups they're paying 15% to the media guy and the fundraiser gets a big slice out of every dollar raised and really nice offices and they hire themselves to do things and get themselves contracts. this is a problem. that's why we set up crossroads. crossroads is a different kind of an organization and it's run by a board of volunteers and business and political
9:43 pm
people, they hire the staff. they set the policies, they set the compensation, they approve the hiring, they approve the budget, they approve any change in the budget and we have a small professional staff that gets a salary, doesn't get a set of fees and there's a strict conflict of interest standard they have to abide by. the contracts are competitively bid. for example, we pay the media people and the buyer less than 3%. we have spartan offices, we have volunteers in the states where we're active and help guide our strategic efforts. look, i'm a volunteer and i help raise money for the group. i don't take a dime and i don't get my expenses reimbursed, i put my expenses into the deal because it's too hard to raise this money and people are willing to give, but they don't like the fact that we have too many groups that are-- and we listen to our donors and that's why we're involved with the victory project and we have people who gave us 328 million dollars in 2011 and 12 and why did we come up short
9:44 pm
in the race we should have won? we have a right to be involved in primaries and want to go about it in a thoughtful fashion. if you take the attitude that nobody ought to be involved in primaries, fine. if you take the attitude that some groups ought to be able to be involved in primaries and not other groups there's a little hypocrisy there, and we have a right just like everybody else to be involved in a low key collegial fashion we'll do the most electable strong conservatives-- >> who are the people that you think, that you would support now, in the primary and the argument that some make that this should be a local decision, not made-- >> well, it is a local decision and we have donors across the country who help make these decisions, but look, you cannot-- if we're expecting these people to write generous checks, look, we spend 5.9 million dollars in indiana for richard murdoch and we have a lot of indiana donors and these guys say we want to be involved in the process and we want to, if we want somebody to help give us the
9:45 pm
intelligence and let us, give us the information on which we can make a better decision. we put 3.3 million dollars and stopped running ads when todd akin blew himself up. and generous people in missouri say why did we find ourselves in the place where we didn't play in the primary and ended up with a candidate the britishry of 2 million dollars in advising from harry reid who attacked him in the prime minister primary in order to boost the least electable republican for general election. if you say nobody should be involved in primaries, congratulations, you're being consistent. if you say i'm happy with the existing groups and i'm happy with the todd akins and richard murdoches of the world, no, crossroads can't get involved then you're not being consistent. >> karl rove thanks so much for being with us, we appreciate it. >> thanks, sean. >> sean: also coming up tonight, brand new information what police found in the home of the man known as the blade runner. a twist in the high profile murder case and our experts in the studio with reaction next
9:46 pm
and then watch this travesty. [crying] >> we're going to have the very latest, a three-year-old in a wheelchair that is patted down by the tsa in what was just a bizarre happening all just a bizarre happening all caught on n n n n today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. hi victor! mom? i know you got to go in a minute but this is a real quick me, that's perfect for two! campbell's chunky beef with country vegetables, poured over rice! [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right.
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>> the south african olympic athlete known as the blade runner, oscar pistorius is back in court. yesterday he gave his side of the story on what happened the night he shot his girlfriend reeva steenkamp to death. the lead detective took the stand and delivered what could only be described as very confusing testimony. now, the prosecution is calling the shooting premeditated murder, but at times, the detective offered statements that support pistorius' claim of self-defense. based on the blade runners' affidavit he opened fire with what he thought an intruder entered his bathroom and claimed only after reeva failed to respond to his order to call the police that she might be in the bathroom and here is the criminal defense attorn attorney, and anna-sigga nicolazzi. you do this for a living.
9:51 pm
a great attorney. i would want you for my attorney if i got you in trouble and i wouldn't want you prosecuting me. what do you think, is that plausible and possible? >> i think we don't have all the facts, but don't think it's too likely. there are so many things that go against common sense. today is the day of technology, but what did he have to do. come outside and an intruder. first thing you think is it's the woman in the home with you. if they're as blissful as they said, why is the bathroom door locked. she may shut the door, but not locking it inside. >> sean: now, one of the things i guess ballistics will show he claims he didn't have his legs on and that, i think, the term he used stump, correct me if i'm wrong, and he could walk on them. wouldn't one see the trajectory of the bullet? >>'s he a guy who's 5-11 when
9:52 pm
wearing pro prosthetics, and the bullet holes are five feet. and shooting it as they do, where are the bullets going to land? and they're going to see, but so many things do not make sense. how do you not-- the gun was right by the bed and they found the holster there. why do you not check to see whether it's your girl friend or warn here, hey, reeva? none of that happened. after you fired the first shot of course she screamed at that point and he didn't hear it he says. >> sean: what do you think, monica, do you think there's a good defense for him here? >> i think there may be a good defense. justifiable use of deadly force. he thought there was an intruder and that's what his affidavit is saying, but to be truth, he admitted he shot an innocent person. he's in a tough spot right now. chances are that he's probably going to have to hope for a lesser charge of second degree murder.
9:53 pm
>> you know, i think what he's probably going to end up going with likely use these substances found in the home whether testosterone or an herbal remedy don't want to give the defense help here, but roid rage usually doesn't work. people who use that defense they were usually predispositioned or prone to violent outbursts. i think somewhere along the way the holes that we're starting to poke in it and may well change course. >> sean: where are the holes, he's saying one thing happened. and it's difficult it prove in some ways, no? >> it comes down to common sense. you're talking there's going to be some science, bullet trajectories and his past relationships and relationship with her. what was on their phones and text messages to start telling the story and witnesses are going to say about what they did and didn't hear in the past and start to paint a clearer, bigger picture here and when i think you start to say, well, his story makes he no sense. how in the world did he in the dark go outside, get the gun
9:54 pm
and assume it's an intruder. and late november he had come home to thought he was an intruder and imagine my surprise when i find out it's the washing machine that made me get into full combat mode and the time he thought it was an intruder he didn't fire one shot and those types of things are ultimately he's going to have to counter and have a tough time. >> sean: monica, as the defense puts this together here, i guess the best defense they're going to make is that he made a mistake. one of the things i think they're going to have to look at, he said it was completely pitch dark so i guess they will recreate that environment of that night. was it really pitch dark? he couldn't see if reeva was next to him in the bed or in the bed or did she not scream after the first shot was fired? that would seem pretty likely scenario, right? >> that would seem like a likely scenario, what we have here, we have no video and it's going to be up to the prosecution to prove that this
9:55 pm
was premeditated and charging him with premeditated murder and they're going to have to show that he had a calm reflection beforehand, that he in fact intended to kill his girlfriend, to kill reeva and i don't think they'll be able to do that. >> sean: well, it's going to be interesting. it's getting a lot of play. thank you both for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up next it's a video that will leave you angry and heart broken, a three-year-old girl in a wheelchair on the way to disney world detained by the tsa. the disturbing incident was caught on tape. we'll explain next.
9:56 pm
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and time... and whiplash. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. tonight. the transportation security administration is apologizing to a missouri family for its mistreatment of a three-year-old girl confined to a wheelchair. now, the disturbing incident was caught on tape by the mother of the child, it occurr


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